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Build a Cob Oven

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This earthen building workshop is designed to teach you the skills needed to build your own wood-fired cob oven in your backyard, as well as encourage a new way of relating to our food and the process by which it is cooked and created. The class is very hands-on; using clay, sand and straw, we will explore the entire oven construction process from foundation to roof. We will also review all the other aspects of the earthen building process, including soil analysis, options for variations on the oven design, moisture protection, heating and insulation for the oven, as well as how to fire and cook in the ovens. The process of building and cooking in a wood-fired oven encourages us to redevelop our relationship to the way we eat and cook, and engage in the journey of the creation of a meal. A great introduction to natural building!

Cost: $250 (includes meals and camping)
         $200 Early Bird (register by June 25) 

Instructor: Sasha Rabin

Sasha Rabin fell in love with natural building in 2002, when she began her building career with an apprenticeship at the Cob Cottage Company. Since then she has taught extensively through organizations that she co-founded, Seven Generations Natural Builders and Vertical Clay, and through collaborations with The Yestermorrow Design Build School, The Canelo Project, Cal-Earth, The Solar Living Institute, and Quail Springs Permaculture. Teaching natural building has brought her as far as the Permaculture Research Institute (PRI) Jordan and PRI Kenya.  She currently lives in the southern California high-desert at Quail Springs, and runs her own natural building organization, Earthen Shelter.  And although she enjoys the act of building, her true passions lie in the teaching and sharing of natural building with others.

Sasha was drawn to natural building due to her interest in the impact that shelter has on our lives and what it means to live in beautifully created homes, of natural non-toxic materials. Building a non-toxic home is a profound experience. When people create shelter together their lives are changed forever through connections with one another and the shelter itself. Just as people are inspired when learning how to grow food, people are inspired when creating the structures we depend on for comfort and health.