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Spring WildTending Camp

Join us as we to lend our hands to the life-giving work of tending wildlands and making beauty at The Oak Granary. We will be spending several weeks this spring out at Owl Tree Meadow, our backcountry camp, tending the grasslands, savannahs, and forests for biodiversity and ecological resilience, and engaging our hands with ancient, beautiful arts that we can create from the land as a result of our tending. We’ll engage in land stewardship projects and enjoy leisurely time with crafts from the land, music and song, fires and feasts. 

Reciprocity: The Oak Granary will share our backcountry camp and rustic kitchen in Owl Tree Meadow, tools, guidance in land stewardship projects and some crafts, and good company. We are asking folks to bring their own food (which we might organize organically into community meals) as well as participate in culture building - bring instruments, crafts, inspiration, and skills to share, as well as a readiness to pitch in to meal-making, dishwashing, and camp tidying.


We are opening up the space for people to join us for a few days during the two weeks we'll be out. Space is very limited; please contact us for more information or apply with a short questionnaire


We'll be camped in the backcountry about a mile from the Farmhouse. There is road access to camp for folks with injuries / physical limitations who might need help getting their gear there with special arrangements ahead of time (the road is only accessible via ATV when wet). 

All ages welcome. If you're bringing your family, there is no child care offered but we encourage people to organically organize and help each other out with the littles. 

We plan on gathering rain or shine! Light rains won't keep us away from camping. If we get heavy rains, we may opt to base out of the Farmhouse throughout the two weeks depending on weather.