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Summer Camp Session 1: Animal Guides

The first week of camp emphasizes animal life on the land. Activities will delve into the fascinating lives and qualities of our four-legged and flying friends as we explore what the animals have to teach us through tracking, stalking, bird language, and more.

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At Acorn Camp, our outdoor nature connection summer camp for youth, kids spend the day outdoors, engaging their senses and learning about nature through playful activities. 

We combine adventures, games, art, music and storytelling to engage children on all levels.  Activities include animal tracking, nature arts and crafts projects, preparing herbal first aid remedies, making fire by friction, making delicious snacks from the organic garden, visiting farm animals, building primitive shelters, music, storytelling, bird language, plant and animal identification, and more – all in a fun, safe, and age-appropriate environment. Classes are adapted to the interests and pace of the youth, building on their excitement and curiosity.