Cliff with a basket of acorns from Oak-Tending weekend.

Cliff Paulin

Co-Founder & Operations Manager

Cliff has a background in environmental science and policy, holding a Bachelors of Science from the University of Arizona, and a Juris Doctor and Masters of Study in Environmental Law from Vermont Law School. He served as a policy intern at the Occidental Arts and Ecology Center WATER Institute, is a co-founding member of the Mendocino County Food Policy Council, and a practicing attorney. Cliff wears many hats at the Oak Granary, and keeps things running. Passionate about working with youth, Cliff also worked at the Marin Conservation Corps, connecting young people with nature, and is the lead organizer and educator for Acorn Summer Camp at the Oak Granary.


Lindsay Dailey

Co-Founder & Program Manager

Lindsay is an ecological designer and educator with over 10 years of experience working with communities to design and build regenerative human settlement. She has worked in the realm of sustainability education and non-profit management as Executive Director of the Solar Living Institute, co-founder of Villa Sobrante, and Wildlands Program Director at the Occidental Arts & Ecology Center, and has developed and led eco-literacy education programs for a number of schools and non-profits. She is deeply dedicated to restoring our reciprocal relationship to nature through the tending and utilization of wild plant, and is a wildlands firefighter passionate about the use of fire as a tool of regenerative disturbance to heal our landscape. She is also the lead land steward and program manager at the Oak Granary.


Jacob Scheidler

Co-Founder & Project Coordinator

Jacob was born and raised in rural Indiana and spent his childhood canoeing, fishing, hunting, camping, and wildlife watching with his family. He received a degree in Biology from Hope College, and, after a few scenic detours, made his way to California 11 years ago. He has been working outdoors his whole life in roles such as residential landscaping with the family business, gardening and food production at the Occidental Arts & Ecology Center, conservation biology with the USFWS and USGS, environmental education at the Catalina Environmental Leadership Program, and trip leading with UCSF. He is grateful to share all the skills picked up along the way, as well as his commitment to community and regenerative systems, with The Oak Granary. 


Shane Brown

Stewardship Technician

Straight out of his homeland in suburban Orange County, Shane arrived at the Oak Granary in September 2016 for our first Wildtending and Permaculture Apprenticeship. Since then, he has delved into life at the Oak Granary and contributed to the vision in many ways, including building our first acorn granary. Currently he is taking the lead at mapping and data management efforts for our Land Stewardship Plan. He has a degree in wildlife biology and has spent several seasons as a technician on wildlife research and management projects around the country. He has been certified as a Tracker by Cybertracker Conservation, and is also skilled in wild plant and bird identification. His passions include land tending, wild foods, crafting with materials from the land, dreaming, and songwriting.


Keith Michalak

Garden Coordinator

Keith is rocking the 1/2 acre learning garden at the Oak Granary. He has a degree in Alternative Energy Engineering Technology and Energy Management, but his heart is in the garden! His experience with permaculture and food production include a year helping to run a permaculture learning center in Israel, and a year apprenticing at Live Power Community Farm where he coordinated the animal systems and raised vegetables  for a 200 family biodynamic CSA. You can find him ogling at seed catalogs and joyfully making compost in the rain. He loves paw paws, donkeys, and stinging nettle. His cheerfulness is only surpassed by his love of vegetable jokes. 



2017 Acorn Camp Lead Mentor

Sespe Miller was born and raised on his father’s small organic farm in the Santa Barbara foothills.  As an adventurous boy he explored nearby canyons and chaparral forests where he fell in love with the land, the birds, and the animals.  Sespe apprenticed for two years at Earth Walk Vermont, and taught for four years at Wild Roots Forest Preschool in Santa Barbara. His life goals are to connect people to their natural surroundings and to study a variety of mentoring and teaching styles.  Sespe is an accomplished basket maker, a skilled and                           knowledgeable naturalist, a mentor, and a storyteller.  He can usually be found making something useful and beautiful with his hands.  

Avi Mirra Portrait.jpg


Outreach & Administration Coordinator

Sara Champie was born in the mountains of southern Humboldt County, in the Eel and Mattole river watersheds. After achieving a Bachelor of Science in Human Development from UC Davis, and a Master's Degree in Social Work from Humboldt State, she spent years guiding hiking and biking trips for the travel company Backroads, and counseling families in the probation and foster care systems in Sonoma. Throughout these experiences, Sara has found her passion working outdoors with groups and studying the transformational process.  As a facilitator, travel guide, and therapist, her life vision is to support people to connect with their authentic selves through the mirror and counsel of nature, and to act as a bridge person on this journey. She also loves to sing and play her ukulele under the stars, and cuddle her two sweet kitties. 


AvrAham Kyle Maistri

Community Development Coordinator

Avraham grew up and attended college in Florida, where he studied journalism at the University of Florida. Looking to deepen his connection to nature and find spiritual community, he began a journey through various intentional communities and farms before landing at the Oak Granary. Avi is a graduate of Suluk Academy for Sufi studies, an initiate of the Inayati Order, and a member of the order's Young Adult Council. He received his Permaculture Design Certification while living and working on an educational permaculture farm in Israel. He has helped lead nature-based children's programming in the United States and in Russia. As a community organizer and facilitator, he has experience managing facility operations, and organizing group trips and retreats as well as men's and co-ed circles. At the Oak Granary, Avi is helping to facilitate group process around the invisible structures of the community. He enjoys helping out in the garden, making music, writing, brewing kombucha, and hiking.