“That was the best day ever!” was the comment my eleven year old told me as we were leaving Acorn Camp. At this camp, children are engaged not only through a variety of activities, but also by appealing to their natural abilities to connect with nature. In our modern age it is even more vital for children to have these moments in nature, to learn to respect, love and enjoy the natural world. Acorn camp brings the children not only fun-filled experiences but, time for reverence and connection as well.
— Acorn Camp Parent

join us for Acorn Camp 2018


We invite you to join us for our 4th annual Acorn Camp!

SESSION I - June 18 - 22

Activities include animal tracking, nature arts and crafts projects, preparing herbal first aid remedies, making fire by friction, animal tracking, making delicious snacks from wild foods and the organic garden, building primitive shelters, music, storytelling, bird language, plant and animal identification, and more – all in a fun, safe, and age-appropriate environment.

We will joyfully explore the 305 acres at the Oak Granary, discovering the landscape and its inhabitants, combining adventures, games, art, music and storytelling to engage youth on all levels.  Activities are adapted to the interests and pace of the youth, building on their excitement and curiosity.

Our goal is to empower youth to understand and appreciate their connection with the natural world, and build a love for being a part of it. 

Monday thru Friday   /   9 am – 4pm

Camp is organized thematically by session so kids can attend multiple sessions, excited to come back for more. 

Carpools arranged from the Ukiah area. 

Snacks included; parent/guardian sends child with a brown-bag lunch to eat in the field.

SESSION I: June 18 - 22
Animal Guides

Tap into your inner animal and learn to read the land through your wild senses.  We’ll learn about and from wild animals as we dive into the fascinating lives and qualities of our four-legged and flying friends.  Activities will tracking, stalking, bird language, and more.

Ages 8 – 13  

SESSION II: June 25 - 29
Wilderness Scouts

Learn to be at home in nature by building skills in primitive shelter-building, fire-making, mapping, orienteering, and more.  We’ll explore about how natural people around the world have cultivated the skills they need to thrive in and give back to the world around them.

Ages 8 – 13  


Feel free to contact us with questions or for more information. 


Acorn Camp
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Sibling Discount

$25 discount per child for siblings who attend together.


Multi-Session Discount

$25 discount per session when campers register for two or more sessions.

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Early Bird Special

$25 Early Bird discount for registrations on or before April 15. 


If two of the discounts apply to you, use the code "DOUBLE".  If three, use "TRIPLE".


Deposit Option

If you would like to pay a $100 deposit up front and the rest of the amount due by the first day of camp, use the discount code "DEPOSIT."


Cancellation Policy: 

Attendance is encouraged each day of the camp. Camp will not be pro-rated if campers cannot attend each day. Cancellations up to 3 weeks in advance of the camp will receive a 50% refund.
Cancellations within 3 weeks of camp will not receive a refund.

We have a limited number of scholarships,  
please contact us if you’re interested.